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Heyy! I'm from Texas, the loveliest state out there. I love comic books, video games and film.OH, I also have the biggest crush on Tegan and Sara. So.Yeah. OH I also love love love Persona 4. The end.

Happy birthday, Booker! (4/19/1874)

Happy birthday, Booker! (4/19/1874)


do you want to cuddle and play video games all night?

a) yes
b) a
c) b


I love Fall Out Boy because sometimes they have some really great lyrics like




But then other times they have really relatable lyrics




and there’s angry lyrics too


Like there’s a song for every mood

Because they’re perf. That’s why

TOMB RAIDER 2013: a summary


Now think of how many of those female characters and protagonists are oversexed, created for the male gaze, or put in an inactive damsel role for the plot of the game. Representation matters. A Study last year proved that exposure to tv shows increased the self esteem of young white boys and markedly decreased the confidence and self esteem of girls across the board (and we haven’t even started on the representation of characters of color and the effect it has on children’s self perception). 

Video games are a different media, and even more concerning if representation metrics are changing how our kids think of themselves. Especially knowing that 67% of American Households have video game consoles and 91% of Children play video games regularly,how do you think the portrayal (and lack of portrayals) of women and girls in these games is affecting little girls – or influencing how little boys view their importance and/or influence over them? 

Comics. Movies. Lit. Pop Culture. The Smash Survey is an upcoming podcast project that will critically explore the representation of race, gender, and queer identity in media and pop culture in a fun and engaging format. 

Wow. Didn’t know this was a thing.


Life-Sized Titanfall Titan in Berlin

Titan Tour: Berlin - Atlas Titan Betty takes over Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof

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bedhead game so strong you be wakin up lookin like an anime protagonist 


I’m thankful for all the different ways I can eat potatoes

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